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We are proud to announce Sarni Flexographic is now the east coast representative for CONVERTING EQUIPMENT INTERNATIONAL!
Converting Equipment International manufactures high quality, high speed equipment for various industries including:
Label, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Fuel Cell, Solar Cell and Digital markets.
Our dependable slitter rewinders, label finishing, digital finishing, die cutting, sheeting, and customized equipment for the narrow web industry are all individually made per your specific requirements. 
Crafted in America, we cater to the customer who prefers VALUE by making all of our machines SERVO DRIVEN.  This allows manufacturers more versatility to run various supported and unsupported films, papers, tags, plastics etc.
SIMPLICITY- You are now able to obtain consistent accuracy with the most basic instruction
CONSISTENCY- Independently controlled motors and our Touch Screen allows for exact tensions and exact feedback; today, tomorrow and for years to come
INCLUSIVE - Servo motors are thinking motors, this allows for items like Taper Tensions, labels in / out and various rewind shafts 3/4" to 6"
ROBUST- Our Equipment is built to last with our heavy duty structure and design
DURABLE- Little to no maintenance, no clutches to wear out, no brushes to replace
UPGRADABLE- As your company grows and materials change, or equipment is field upgradable
ECONOMICAL- We provide value with each one of our machines
VERSITAL- With various equipment lines, we have solutions for your challenges
EXPERIENCE- We understand the web industry and can customize equipment for your particular application
EQUALS- Larger Profits for YOU!

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