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NuTech coatings

Our unique coating is applied directly on to your existing cylinder. The key advantage of a PEC is to provide a platform for a plate that will allow for impression, and absorb vibration, that is created in the nip. This feature eliminates a huge variable of the flexo process. In addition to impression latitude, PEC’s also offer the following:

  • Mount plates directly to the cylinder with .005 transfer tape, resulting in an instant savings on expensive cushion tape.
  • Greatly reduces or in most cases removes banding or gear marking
  • Eliminates flexo “doughnut” dots, which significantly increases tonal range
  • Increased press speeds and decrease make ready time

PEC's are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications, which meet your requirements for tight tolerance within a cylinder, as well as cylinder to cylinder. This will assure precise registration, and print quality that exceeds your customer’s expectations.

  • Compatibility with all flexo solvents and inks
  • Designed to resist damage from cutting
  • Spin balanced for equilibrium
  • One year limited warranty
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